Teknoflow Super Plasticizer, 5 kg(Текнофлоу Супер)

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Teknoflow Super Plasticizer, 5 kg(Текнофлоу Супер)

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Superplasticizer based on naphthalenesulfonate, improves ductility and strength of concrete

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Teknoflow Super is a liquid superplasticizer based on naphthalene sulfate, which improves the fluidity and strength of concrete and reduces the amount of water when mixing materials.

Application areas:

  • For residential premises, shopping centers, hospitals
  • For large engineering structures, such as subways, highways, dams, tunnels
  • For surfaces that need to be rid of mold
  • To avoid the occurrence of voids in concrete structures
  • To reduce the water permeability of concrete bases
  • For application to the floor screed

Properties of superplasticizer:

  • Increases the plasticity of the compound
  • Prevents the formation of voids
  • Reduces the amount of water in the mixture, which increases its strength and durability
  • Increases strength at low temperatures and in cold climates



Expiration date

12 months in the closed original packaging


30 kg bucket 


0,5-2 % (relative to the volume of the compound)


1.,0-1,22 kg/l

Chlorine content

< 0,1 %

Alkali content

< 10 %


> 2 N/mm2

Setting time

24 hours

The ideal application temperature of the material is from + 5°C to +35 °C in the morning and evening.
Before applying the material, the surface should be moistened
It is necessary to add a plasticizer in a ratio of 0.5-2 % to the total volume of the cement mixture and mix until a homogeneous compound is obtained.


  • If the concrete is poured at low temperatures, it is necessary to protect the surface from freezing.
  • Immediately after filling the material, it is necessary to protect the surface from adverse weather conditions (direct sunlight, high temperatures < +35 °C, precipitation and frost).
  • The work should be carried out in compliance with safety and hygiene standards, using a mask and glasses.
  • The tools and equipment used must be washed imme

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