Antifreeze additive Teknoantifriz

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Antifreeze additive Teknoantifriz

Supplement provides high quality concrete due to the acceleration of setting at low temperature.


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Antifreeze additive Teknoantifriz - it is reliable, does not contain chloride additives to the plaster, screed and concrete, which provides high quality concrete due to the acceleration of setting at low temperature.


  • for all types of concrete and monolithic works in cold weather conditions
  • accelerates the setting and curing of the concrete
  • increases the strength of concrete


  • as a result of reactions with the cement in the fresh concrete accelerates the initial formation of aluminate and silicate gels.
  • accelerates the curing of fresh concrete and allows you to quickly gain strength. It helps to concrete in cold weather conditions
  • shortens the curing time of cement and other alkaline additives increases the strength of concrete
  • contains no chlorine and has no corrosion effect on rebar
  • increases resistance to frost and enhances the strength of concrete
  • allows to overcome the limit of concrete strength (4-5 N / mm2) required for frost resistance, and reduces the period.


Transparent liquid

Shelf life

12 months in closed packaging containers


Canister 35 kg


1.15 (± 0,05) kg/l


1-3% relative to the weight of cement


20 (±2)%



Kindly requested to take additional measures to protect the surface from rain, dew and frost. Teknoantifriz is added to the water before mixing the solution. When added directly to fresh concrete, the mixing time should be increased by 3 minutes at high speed to ensure homogeneity of the finished mixture.