Elastic waterproofing

Withstanding building vibrations, shrinkage and other possible movements of the reinforced concrete structure without damaging the waterproofing layer is possible only with good elasticity of the material, which will stretch and compress without damaging its structure.

Waterproofing of exploited roofs

Waterproofing an exploited roof can be a more difficult task compared to a new roof, since the condition of the existing coating is taken into account, damage and wear of materials are possible. However, this is still possible with the right approach

Гидроизоляция плоской кровли

Кровля является важной частью здания, ведь она должна служить защитой внутренних помещений. Из-за постоянного воздействия УФ-излучения, перепадов температур и осадков она может быстро разрушаться, поэтому важно обеспечить ей надежную защиту с помощью качественного гидроизоляционного материала.

Waterproofing of the terrace

The main task of waterproofing the terrace is to provide protection against moisture penetration, UV radiation, and destruction of the structure as a whole

Гидроизоляция открытых балконов и террас

Such areas as terraces, open balconies and roofs require mandatory waterproofing with a quality material that provides resistance to ultraviolet radiation and salts. In addition, it is desirable that the material is elastic, does not shrink and does not crack.