Fixed support Karoapp®

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Fixed support Karoapp®

The supports have a certain fixed height in the range of 2 to 30 mm.

Fixed support Karoapp® provides a solution for quick installation of the coating on the surface in the range of 2 to 30 mm, have all the advantages of adjustable feet Karoapp®, but have a certain fixed height. These solutions can be used in complex or separately.

The shape and design of the supports was specially designed for maximum convenience and paving, which you can use:

  • Tile materials, granite, polycarbonate, glass
  • Board of natural wood and composite materials
  • Grating of metal and polymer materials
  • Joists, metal and wood for laying decking


In the production of adjustable feet Karoapp® use high quality polypropylene and is a safe material. Unlike metal poles, polypropylene is waterproof, no corrosion and not have a negative impact on the waterproofing of any kind even during prolonged use. This material has a high resistance to temperature and can be operated in the range from -35 to 40 C.