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Adjustable feet Karoapp®

System adjustable feet allows to create a coating to the desired height.

Adjustable feet Karoapp® is an effective modern solution for quick mounting frame and arrangement of all kinds of deck coatings, pedestrian walkways and fountains, the creation of the public raised floors, office spaces and server rooms. This system is an alternative solution that eliminates the production of concrete screed for leveling the floor under the topcoat and allows you to compensate for all the irregularities and slope of the surface at no additional cost.

The raised floor is a platform from panels of sheet or tile coverings, which is based a system of adjustable feet. At the device of such a ground cover is placed with a small indentation for the immediate outflow of water under the cover, forming puddles.

Adjustable feet Karoapp® are ideal for temporary and seasonal structures, such as summer areas of restaurants and pools, scenes, and outdoor patios. At the end of the season such structures can be dismantled to the next, and for storing the supports do not need special storage conditions.

This system allows you to create a free space (18 to 1083 mm) between the waterproofing and coating for host communications, engineering networks and equipment with quick access and the manipulation with them. The support elements come with special grooves and holes for fastening of communications on the basis that eliminates the possibility of damage to the waterproofing coating.

Each leg Karoapp® has a resistance to loads up to 900 kg, and the width of the bases of the support is 200 mm Installation the supports can be carried out without mechanical fastening, if such a need there – in the lower part of the frame there are holes for mounting. On supports on top of stacked logs or boards, and under the influence of its own weight, the design becomes fixed. For ease and speed of installation of coatings on supports have been developed special fasteners, connecting rod, gasket, compensation and the offset angle.

The use of the system adjustable feet allows you to quickly create a coating of the required height without changing the height of the facade of the building and not to overload the surface for furnishing terraces, open balconies, playgrounds and recreational areas.

The shape and design of the supports was specially designed for maximum convenience and paving, which you can use:

  • Tile materials, granite, polycarbonate, glass
  • Board of natural wood and composite materials
  • Grating of metal and polymer materials
  • Joists, metal and wood for laying decking


In the production of adjustable feet Karoapp® use high quality polypropylene and is a safe material. Unlike metal poles, polypropylene is waterproof, no corrosion and not have a negative impact on the waterproofing of any kind even during prolonged use. This material has a high resistance to temperature and can be operated in the range from -35 to 40 C.

System components adjustable feet  Karoapp®

  • HEAD: the Top element of the support with holes for attaching straps, clamps (T-ST, T-SP, T-AR, TAX, T-SF) and spacers (T-S).
  • T-CL: the Element set the height of the support. Support can be included up to 6 pieces Have grooves for mounting of communication networks above floor level.
  • T-L: the Retainer ring. Blocks the change of the height of the Foundation from impact and vibration loads in the process of operation.
  • BASE: Base supports (200 mm). Has holes for mounting to the surface.
  • T-SC: offset tilt angle. Available in two types with the adjustment of the angle of 1 ° and 2 °. The desired angle is set by a set of markers.
Adjustable feet  Karoapp®

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