Acrylic adhesive Teknobond 250 (Текнобонд 250)

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Acrylic adhesive Teknobond 250 (Текнобонд 250)

Water-based acrylic adhesive with high adhesion for PVC and linoleum floor coverings

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Teknobond 250 is a water-based acrylic adhesive with high adhesion for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Application areas:

  • For coating PVC and PU surfaces on a latex basis
  • For vinyl, linoleum, and rubber (rubber) coatings
  • For homogeneous and heterogeneous floor coverings
  • For textile coatings on synthetic and natural substrates
  • For elastic and insulated coatings
  • For ready-made smooth and absorbent surfaces
  • For laying the material on concrete and screed

Properties of adhesive:

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • It does not contain solvents
  • It has a high adhesion
  • Suitable for working with warm floors
  • High resistance to mechanical loads
Colour Beige
Expiration date 12 months in the closed original packaging
Packaging Bucket of 20 kg
Application temperature +10 °C - +35 °C
pH 6,5-7,5
Expenditure 300-350 g/m2
The life time of the compound 45-50 minutes
Setting start time 15-20 minutes
Commissioning 24 hours
Density 1,35 kg/l
Resistance to mechanical loads 24 hours
Solidification time 72-96 hours
Thermal stability 50 °C
  • Before applying the material, clean the surface from any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting, using the compressed air cleaning method.
  • If there are irregularities on the floor, they must be eliminated with a self-leveling screed Teknoself or Teknoelf 500. If necessary, you can prime the surface with Teknolatex 200.
  • Teknobond 250 should be applied to the surface with a notched trowel. The flow rate may vary depending on the depth of the teeth of the spatula. After applying the adhesive composition, it is necessary to wait 2-3 minutes for the appearance of adhesion to the surface and the formation of an adhesive film. After that, you can proceed directly to gluing the finish coating.


  • When laying coverings on a heated floor, it is necessary to check the heating operation 10 days before laying the finishing coating and turn off the heating directly during installation.  
  • The work should be carried out at a coating temperature from +18 °C to +25 °C.
  • After 72 hours after laying the finishing coating, you can turn on the heating.
  • The top layer of glue, which can form during prolonged storage, must be discarded.
  • The tools and equipment used must be cleaned immediately after use.
  • The product may cause irritation in contact with the skin and eyes. It is necessary to use work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with warm water and consult a doctor.

1. Which glue is better to buy for linoleum?

It is recommended to glue linoleum with water-based acrylic glue Teknobond 250. The material has high adhesion and high resistance to mechanical loads.

2. Where to buy linoleum glue?

Universal glue for linoleum Teknobond 250 you can buy from the official representative of the manufacturer "Tekno" for the phone number: 0 800 307 050. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ratio of price and quality of the material. 

3. How to glue linoleum on a concrete floor?

The best material for laying linoleum on a concrete floor and screed is considered to be the acrylic adhesive composition Teknobond 250, which begins to set after 20 minutes after kneading.

4. Is it possible to glue linoleum with Pva glue?

Yes, if you are laying linoleum on a wooden covering. But when laying linoleum on concrete, it is necessary to use a special adhesive with high adhesion, for example, Teknobond 250 water-based. 

5. Do I need to glue linoleum?

Yes! Firstly, glued linoleum will last longer. Secondly, the appearance of the glued coating will be preserved better. And thirdly, linoleum will not be subject to various deformations, especially if it is a public place. 

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Is it possible to glue linoleum on PVA glue

The best glue for linoleum is considered to be acrylic-based glue Teknobond 250, it is specially designed for laying linoleum, PVC floor coverings, as well as rubber or rubber coatings on a concrete surface.

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