Adhesive for marble and stone Teknobond 220(Текнобонд 220)

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Adhesive for marble and stone Teknobond 220(Текнобонд 220)

Two component fast-acting based on polymers adhesive for stone, marble and granite

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Teknobond 220 is a two component fast-acting polymer-based adhesive for laying stone, marble and granite on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Application areas:

  • For laying stone, marble and granite
  • For working on vertical and horizontal surfaces

Properties of adhesive:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick-hardening
  • High adhesive properties
  • Well polished
  • Thixotropic

Component A - beige
Component B - white

Expiration date 12 months in the closed original packaging at a temperature of + 5 °C
Packaging Set - 1200 gr
Consistency Thixotropic paste
Expenditure 1,75 + 0,05 g/ml
The ratio of the components of the compound 2-3 % of the hardener
The life time of the compound 3-8 minutes
Thermal stability +80 °C
Application temperature +10 °C - +35 °C
Solidification time 10-15 minutes
Adhesion > 3 N/mm2
  • Before applying the material, clean the surface from any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting, using the compressed air cleaning method.
  • The work should be carried out at an ambient temperature from +10 °C to +35 °C .
  • Take the required amount of adhesive composition, add a hardener in the proportion of 2-3 % to the mass of the adhesive composition and quickly mix the compound with a spatula.
  • Apply the compound to the material and press it to the surface.
  • At an ambient temperature of +20 °C, the glue hardens within 15-30 minutes, so you should work quickly.
  • Remove the remaining glue should be removed within 10 minutes at an ambient temperature of +20 °C.


  • The consumption of glue may differ when working on surfaces of different roughness.
  • The product may cause irritation in contact with the skin and eyes. It is necessary to use work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with warm water and consult a doctor.
  • The tools and equipment used must be cleaned immediately after use.

1. How to glue a stone to concrete?

Without a doubt, choose Teknobond 220 glue. After all, thanks to an improved chemical formula, it glues natural stone to concrete “forever".

2. Which glue should I choose for granite?

For high-quality bonding of granite, it is recommended to choose a special thixotropic adhesive, which is made on the basis of polymers and has high adhesion (more than 3 MPa) - Teknobond 220.

3. How can I glue a stone to a stone?

Stone surfaces can be glued using a quick-curing thixotropic polymer adhesive composition Teknobond 220. The advantage of the material is the fast setting time and ease of use, including when polishing.

4. Which glue should I choose for granite?

For gluing granite, it is best to use polymer adhesive Teknobond 220, the main advantage over epoxy materials of which is rapid solidification (about 10 minutes).

5. What kind of glue should I use for natural stone?

For gluing stone, a special polymer glue for stone is best suited, with which you can work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

6. How to glue granite on the street? 

For gluing granite on the street, it is recommended to choose a tikstropic polymer adhesive composition for external and internal application - Teknobond 220.

7. How to attach a plaque to the monument?

There is an opinion that for such small jobs it is best to use liquid nails. Yes, they will do, but, nevertheless, it is recommended to glue on a special adhesive compound for granite, which will fix the plaque on the monument, such as Teknobond 220, many times more reliably. 

8. How can I paste a photo on a granite monument?

It is recommended to glue a photo to a granite monument using a high-speed polymer adhesive Teknobond 220, the consistency of which is a thixotropic paste, which makes it very convenient to work with the material. 

9. What glue should I use to glue a granite vase to a granite slab?

Teknobond 220 is an indispensable assistant when working with marble and granite products. Therefore, feel free to choose it when gluing granite vases to granite slabs, because after 10 minutes the vase will be securely fixed on the plate. 

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