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Grease for forms and formwork "Monolith"

Grease the cast based on the modified blend of oils without solvents, does not change color in concrete products.

Ciros spring clamp for formwork

Ciros allows you to quickly attach the formwork of vertical structures and supports the load up to 2 tons.

Clip for the rebar reinforced

Ciros reinforced spring clip on the valve, takes the load of 3 tons.

Clamping wrench for spring clamping

The pressure switch is intended for tensioning of reinforcement when attaching the shuttering boards by means of a spring clip Chiros.

Reinforced key for spring clamp

The key to the spring clip with reinforced mechanism for greater durability, designed for tension reinforcement in the fastening of shuttering boards by means of a spring clip.

A tightening screw 15

A tightening screw 15 used in the reinforcement, together with coupling nuts and washers, as well as with a perforated PVC pipe.

Nut for formwork

Reinforced galvanized nut for formwork used in combination with the tightening screw and washers for tightening of shuttering leaves.

Washer for clamping screw

Washer made of galvanized steel used in conjunction with the tightening screw and washer.