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Clip for the rebar reinforced

Ciros reinforced spring clip on the valve, takes the load of 3 tons.

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Ciros reinforced – clip to the valve, which allows you to quickly attach the formwork of vertical structures and perceives the load of 3 tons. The enhanced version has a galvanized body, hard spring, heavy weight and increased platform support plate spring of the lock. Allows you to stop or significantly reduce the use of tightening screws, nuts for formwork and the clips. Working with the rebar diameter from 6 to 10 mm, for convenience, it is recommended to use presser key for chiros.

Spring clip is easy to use, saves time during Assembly and disassembly of the formwork of foundations, monolithic belts, walls, columns and concrete stairs.


  • simplicity and usability
  • saving time on installation
  • conserving supplies
  • withstands high loads
  • eliminates the skew rebar
  • working with the rebar diameter from 6 to 10 mm
  • the use of reusable


Recommendations for use:

  • For installation of spring clamp it is necessary to withdraw the ends of the rebar on the outside of formwork shield to a length of about 15 cm, and tighten the retaining key for chiros.
  • Upon completion of the work, removing chiros and dismantling of formwork is needed to cut the ends of the rebar.


Tempered galvanized steel

The size of the plate

110×75 mm

The thickness of the plate

4 mm

The diameter of the used reinforcement

6-10 mm


3 t


0.45 kg

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Clip for the rebar reinforced

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