Washer for clamping screw

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Washer for clamping screw

Washer made of galvanized steel used in conjunction with the tightening screw and washer.

27 uah
Wholesale price 22.9 uah from 100 pc.

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Washer for tightening screw is an important element of the fastening system of formwork for monolithic construction. Used in conjunction with the tightening screw and washer. The product is made from high strength steel with a galvanized coating.


  • protect screw from breaking
  • increases bearing area on the edge of the shield
  • transfers the stress and the pressure of the concrete plates to formwork ties
  • galvanized coating protects the washer from corrosion
  • prevents abrasion of the edges of the formwork nuts


Recommendations for the use of

The puck is placed on the tightening screw on the outer side form formwork between the shield and nut. This element is intended for repeated use.

Hole diameter, mm

Plate thickness, mm