Granito Diamond (Гранито Даймонд)

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Granito Diamond (Гранито Даймонд)

Finishing materials for walls and floors indoors and facades.

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Granito Diamond is a cement-based finishing material that includes special chemical additives. The material is used to create a decorative coating on walls and floors indoors and on façade walls.
Areas of use:

  • For walls indoors and outdoors
  • For indoor floors
  • Apply to concrete, plastered cement and gypsum surfaces, painted surfaces
  • For bathrooms, kitchens and shower rooms, provided they are varnished


  • Creates a hard coating
  • Has a flexible structure
  • Can be applied over existing coatings
  • Can be painted
  • Vapor permeable, but does not allow moisture to pass through from outside


Цвет Белый, серый
Основа материала Цемент
Толщина применения 2-4 мм (в 2-3 слоях)
Температура (+5 ° C) - (+35 ° C)
Время высыхания
Шлифование - через 24 часа
Время полного высыхания - 48 часов
При низкой температуры воздуха и высокой влажности время для работы и высыхания может увеличиться
Расход материала 1,5 кг/м²
Время жизни готовой смеси 30 минут
Температура эксплуатации (-30 ° C) - (+80 ° C)
Прочность на разрыв 1,5 Н/мм² (через 28 дней)
Прочность на сжатие
7 Н/мм² (через 7 дней)
20 Н/мм² (через 28 дней)
Прочность на растяжение
4 Н/мм² (через 7 дней)
8 Н/мм² (через 28 дней)
Капиллярное водопоглащение Класс W2 (0,2 кг/м² × мин ⁰)
Коэффициент проницаемости паров 5/20 (табличное значение)
Теплопроводность ≤ 0,42 (табличное значение ) Р = 50%
Огнестойкость Класс A1


Before applying the material, the surface must be cleaned of any type of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances, as well as old and swollen layers of paint, if any. Old synthetic surfaces must be thoroughly sanded and free of dust.
If cracks or cavities are present on the surface, they must be repaired using Teknorep repair compounds.
To prepare the working solution, pour 4.5-5.5 liters of water into a clean container and add dry powder, if necessary, add a special dye. Using a mixer on low speed, knead the mixture until smooth and free of lumps. The amount of mixed water may vary depending on the ambient temperature. Leave the resulting mixture for 1 - 2 minutes, then stir again.
The finished working mixture is applied to a previously prepared surface using a metal spatula in 2 or 3 layers. The time between applying each subsequent layer should be 3-4 hours. The total layer thickness should be 2-4 mm.
The required pattern structure is created using a metal spatula when applying the last layer of Granito Diamond.
Surface sanding, if necessary, is carried out 24 hours after applying the last coat of Granito Diamond.
Applying wax or varnish to the surface is carried out no earlier than 48 hours after applying the last layer of Granito Diamond.
Tools and equipment used should be washed with water immediately after use. Once the material is approved, the instrument will only be mechanically cleaned.