Paint against mold Tekno Anti Kuf 1 kg

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Paint against mold Tekno Anti Kuf 1 kg

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TEKNO ANTI KUF is a one-component UV-resistant paint for combating and protecting against fungi and mold.

510 uah
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Areas of application

  • For use on painted/non-painted surfaces
  • In places with high humidity (basements, cellars)
  • North sides of building facades
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Features and benefits

  • One-component, ready to use
  • Fast anti-fungal action
  • Quickly dries
  • High resistance to moisture and alkalis
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • High adhesion to any damp substrates

Restrictions / Precautions

  • Tools and equipment must be immediately rinsed after use, after the material has hardened it can only be done mechanically.   
  • After partial use, close the paint can tightly.
  • Work shall be performed in the absence of precipitation.
  • Apply the material with a brush or roller.
  • Do not dilute with water.
  • Do not pour the paint down the drain.

Technical information

Material basis

Polymer resin



Shelf life

12 months in closed packaging at T +5 to +30 °C


Metal can 1 kg


1.65 kg/l

Information on application / operation

Application temperature

(+ 5 ° C) – (+ 35 ° C)

Material consumption

200-300 g/m²

Commissioning through

3 hours

Operating temperature

- 30 °C  -  + 90 °C

Instructions for use

The application surface must be strong and free from substances that prevent adhesion. Any protrusions on the surface shall be cleaned and leveled mechanically beforehand. Stir the paint in the container before use.   


The paint shall be applied in one layer. If it is necessary to apply a second coat of the material, wait at least 1 hour after the first coat.

Paint against mold Tekno Anti Kuf 1 kg

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