Aerodromic thixotropic sealant Teknopoliderz 2K TIX(Текнополидерз 2K ТИКС)

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Aerodromic thixotropic sealant Teknopoliderz 2K TIX(Текнополидерз 2K ТИКС)

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Teknopoliderz 2K TIX is a three-component thixotropic elastomeric elastomeric polyurethane bitumen-modified polyurethane joint sealant that provides waterproofing between concrete elements.

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• For work on runways and parking lots at airports
• For jointing joints on the surface of above-ground fuel and engine oil storage areas
• For asphalt and concrete surfaces, natural stone, mosaic and sheet metal surfaces with appropriate primer.
• For work on military fields
• For filling joints between asphalt and asphalt, asphalt and concrete, concrete and concrete, with a joint filling depth of half the width and a minimum depth of 1 cm
• For filling joints of bituminous pavements with concrete pavements
• For repairing cracks in asphalt and concrete roads.
• For filling joints in parking lots, underground parking lots and car washes.

Sealant Properties:

• Easy to use
• Can be used on vertical surfaces
• Suitable for external and internal use
• Elastic
• Solvent free
• Resistant to UV rays
• Resistant to changes in weather conditions
• Resistant to various solutions, fuels and jet oil
• Polyurethane
• Conforms to technical standards TS 5926 EN 14188-2, SS-S-00200D and BS 5212


Name of the indicator

Normative value


Two-component polyurethane




10,3 kg



Store in a dry, dark place, subject to a temperature range of +50C - +350C, humidity 75%.

12 months in closed original packaging


1.35 ± 0.05 kg/l

Application temperature

from + 5 °C to + 40 °C

The life of the mixture

35 - 45 minutes.

Shore hardness (A)

20 + 5

A complete set of strengths

12 hours (with a seam depth of 1 mm)

Tensile strength


Maximum allowable deformation of the seam


Volume of solid matter



> 90%

For seams

from 10 mm

Operating temperature range

-30 °С - + 80 °С


• Before applying Teknopoliderz 2K, clean the joints from dirt and all substances that prevent adhesion with compressed air and lay a sealing harness.

• Before applying the material, the surface (concrete surface, exposed brickwork, asbestos cement, natural and artificial stone, polyester and hard PVC) should be primed with Teknobond 110. Teknopoliderz 2K can be used approximately 1 hour after priming the joints.

• To prepare the working solution, first mix component A separately using a low-speed electric mixer (500-800 rpm). Then add components B and C and mix the solution until a homogeneous mixture is obtained for at least 3 minutes.

• The mixed and ready-to-use material is applied with a sealant gun within 35 minutes. 


• It is recommended to wear work clothes and protective gloves.
• Tools and equipment used should be washed immediately after use.
• Do not use the mixture in the rain.