Thermal insulation adhesives and plaster

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Moisture-resistant decorative plaster Teknodeko(Текнодеко)

White one component moisture-resistant decorative plaster on a cement basis, reinforced with polymers, for exterior decoration

Thermal insulation adhesive Teknoizofix (Текноизофикс)

Adhesive mortar for thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, mineral wool, etc.), reinforced with polymers

Plaster Teknoizosiva (Текноизосыва)

Cement-based plaster, reinforced with fiber, which increases the strength of the surface

Finishing facade putty Teknorep 100, light grayFinishing facade putty Teknorep 100, light gray

One-component cement-based putty, grey in color, suitable for leveling surfaces inside and outside premises

Finishing facade putty Teknorep 100 FLEX, whiteтекнореп 100 флекс

One-component, polymer-reinforced putty based on white cement for wall and facade putty

Adhesive mortar for aerated concrete blocks Teknofay 500(Текнофей 500)

Based on cement adhesive mortar with the addition of polymers, with increased adhesion and high water absorption for laying aerated concrete blocks