Finishing facade putty Teknorep 100 FLEX, whiteтекнореп 100 флекс

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Finishing facade putty Teknorep 100 FLEX, whiteтекнореп 100 флекс

One-component, polymer-reinforced putty based on white cement for wall and facade putty

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Teknorep 100 FLEX is a finishing facade one-component, polymer-reinforced putty based on white cement for correcting and filling surfaces.

Features:provides smooth surface treatment

  • it has excellent adhesion to concrete and plastered surfaces
  • creates a crack-free appearance on large surfaces
  • does not require a primer and is easy to apply
  • does not swell from water, like gypsum plasters

Where it is used:It is used for leveling open concrete elements with all kinds of surface defects.

  • It is suitable for exterior
  • All types of industrial reinforced concrete structures
  • In engineering structures such as metro, highways, dams
  • In projects for the repair and reinforcement of reinforced concrete
  • Parking lots, shopping malls
  • Used in the repair of prefabricated elements


For dry mixView



Expiration date

12 months in a closed package in a dry place


Kraft bag 20 kg

For dilute solutionApplication temperature


( 5 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)

Mixing ratio

8.0 l of water / 20 kg of powder

Time of preservation of easy-to-layability

Minimum 3 hours

Application time between layers

Minimum 2-3 hours

Commissioning time

24 hours

Thickness of application

0-2 mm

For the solidified solutionBending strength (28 days)


 2.5 N / mm2Compressive strength (28 days)


 10 N / mm2(TS EN 196-1 )


Adhesion strength

 1.0 N / mm2(TS EN 1542)


Fire resistance


(TS EN 13501-1)

Temperature resistance

(- 30 ° C) - ( 80 ° C)

Surface preparationThe surface must be clean, smooth, strong, free from all kinds of dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold, detergents and similar substances that interfere with adhesion.

Damaged areas on the surface must be removed. The surface should be pre-moistened, but puddles and drops should not remain.

Preparation for the execution of worksPour 7.5 liters of pure clear water into a clean container, cleaned of all kinds of substances that interfere with adhesion.

Teknorep 100 FLEX bag weighing 20 kg, pour into a container filled with water. Mix with a low-speed mixer until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained. The mixing time should be at least 5 minutes. The solution obtained at the end of the process should stand for 3 minutes and then mix again for 2 minutes until it becomes homogeneous. After the material reacts, do not add water to it and mix it.

WarningWhen applied externally, it should be protected from the sun, rain and frost for the first 3 hours.

  • The reaction time of cement-based products depends on the ambient temperature. The reaction time is shortened in the warm season and lengthened in the cold.
  • When working with the material, you should wear overalls in accordance with the rules of occupational safety and health, as well as use appropriate protective glasses and masks.
  • The prepared solution is applied to the concrete surface with a steel spatula. Layers of material with a thickness of more than 2 mm should be applied alternately.