Fiberglass Teknofiber Glass (Текнофибер Глес)

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Fiberglass Teknofiber Glass (Текнофибер Глес)

White fiber for concrete

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Teknofiber Glass is a fiberglass (reinforcement fiber) compatible with all types of cement, which minimizes shrinkage cracks that can occur in plaster, screed or concrete, increases their strength and performance properties.
Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces the likelihood of shrinkage cracking
  • Increases concrete abrasion strength
  • Increases concrete tensile strength in bending.
  • Increases frost resistance and water resistance of concrete
  • Provides concrete protection from aggressive substances

Teknofiber Glass can be added both to the dry mixture and directly to the working solution at the mixing stage. Mixing is carried out at low speed for 5 minutes.

Material consumption:

For plaster mixtures: 0.3 - 0.6 kg of Teknofiber Glass per 1 m3 of working solution.
For monolithic works and screeds: 0.6 - 1.2 kg Teknofiber Glass per 1 m3 of working solution