Airfield joint sealant Teknopoliderz 2K(Текнополидерз 2K)

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Airfield joint sealant Teknopoliderz 2K(Текнополидерз 2K)

Two component polyurethane self-leveling elastomeric modified tar sealant for joints

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Teknopoliderz 2K is a two component self-leveling elastomer polyurethane modified with tar sealant for joints, which provides waterproofing between concrete elements. This is a cold-applied sealant that is resistant to jet fuel, conventional fuel and engine oil.

Application areas:

  • For work on runways and parking lots at airports
  • For connecting seams on the surface of ground warehouses for storing fuel and engine oil
  • For asphalt and concrete surfaces, surfaces made of natural stone, mosaic and sheet metal with an appropriate primer
  • For work on military fields
  • For filling joints between asphalt and asphalt, asphalt and concrete, concrete and concrete, and the depth of filling the joints should reach half the width, and the minimum depth is 1 cm
  • For filling joints of bitumen coatings with concrete
  • For repairing cracks on asphalt and concrete roads.
  • For filling joints in parking lots, underground parking lots and car washes.

Properties of sealant:

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for external and internal use
  • Elastic
  • It does not contain solvents
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to changes in weather conditions
  • Resistant to various solutions, fuel and jet oil
  • Based on polyurethane
  • Complies with technical standards TS 5926 EN 14188-2, SS-S-00200D and BS 5212


Two component polyurethane modified with tar 




10 kg



Storage in a dry, dark place, subject to the temperature range +5 °C - + 35 °C, humidity 75%

12 months in a dry environment in a closed package

The density of the compound

1,30 ± 0,05 kg/l

Cooling temperature

  + 5 °C -  + 50 °C

The life time of the compound

35-45 min.

Shore Hardness (A)


Full set of strength

12 h (with a seam depth of 1 mm)

Elongation at break


Maximum allowable joint deformation


Volume of solid substance




For seams

from 10 mm

Thermal stability

-30 °C - + 80 °C

  • Before using Teknopoliderz 2K, the joints should be cleaned of dirt and all substances that prevent setting with compressed air and a sealing harness should be laid.
  • Before applying the material, the surface (concrete surface, exposed brickwork, asbestos cement, natural and artificial stone, polyester and hard PVC) should be primed with Teknobond 110.
  • To prepare the working compound, at the beginning, mix component A separately using a low-speed electric mixer (500-800 rpm). Next, add the component to and knead the compound until a homogeneous mixture is obtained for at least 3 minutes.


  • It is recommended to wear work clothes and protective gloves.
  • The tools and equipment used must be washed immediately after use.
  • Do not use the compound during rain.

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