Acrylic varnish Teknocila 450(Текносила 450)

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Acrylic varnish Teknocila 450(Текносила 450)

Semi-gloss acrylic varnish for concrete

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Teknocila 450 is a special modified acrylic resin based, semi-gloss concrete curing and polishing material used to waterproof and cure concrete.

Areas of use:
• To protect concrete and other cement surfaces in buildings and structures, to ensure dust tightness.
• To increase the service life of concrete
• For gloss, discoloration and usability on concrete surfaces with visible aggregates
• Surfaces to which a surface hardener is applied
• In concrete screed
• concrete castings in hot climates

Features and Benefits:
• Prevents dusting, as it increases the resistance of the surface to abrasion.
• Easy to apply as it consists of one component.
• Dries quickly as the water it contains evaporates quickly
• Increases water resistance, therefore preventing cracks from freezing on the plaster
• Used as a polish due to the resulting shiny film layer
• It protects the concrete from atmospheric influences, which can penetrate into the concrete in the form of salts or gases.
• Reduces dirt holding capacity and the color of concrete does not change when exposed to rain.


Цвет Беля жидкость
Срок годности
12 месяца в сухой среде в закрытой упаковке
Упаковка Канистра 30 кг
Плотность смеси 1,03 (± 0,03)
Температура применения (+5 °C - + 35 °C
0,150-0,200 л/м² (может меняться в зависимости от поверхности
Толщина сухой пленки (мкм) 50 (± 15,00)
Время полного высыхания 24 часа
Отвечает стандартам ASTM C 309-81


Surface quality

The surface must be free of all types of anti-adhesion substances, dust, dirt and oil, as well as loose and flying particles.


Acrylic varnish Teknocila 450 is ready to use. Stir the material before application. The material can be applied with a short-haired brush, roller or mechanical sprayer.


  • Do not apply the material during and one hour before precipitation.
  • During application and within 24 hours after application of the material, the air temperature should not be less than +5 °C and more than 30 °C.
  • Tools and equipment used should be washed immediately after use.
  • The product may cause irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. Work clothes, protective gloves, mask and goggles must be used. Before starting work, you can apply a protective cream on your hands.
  • Work should be carried out at a great distance from any source of fire, such as welding and cutting machines, and do not smoke near the surface with varnish, as the material is flammable.

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