Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300, 4 l(Текносила 300)

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Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300, 4 l(Текносила 300)

Acrylic high-performance shockproof multifunctional concrete varnish

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Teknocila 300 is a one component, high-performance, shock-resistant acrylic concrete varnish based on an organic solvent used to seal, preserve and strengthen concrete surfaces. It is a varnish with a high degree of gloss and resistance to atmospheric phenomena. It has a high dry mass residue.


Teknocila 300 is applied to a cleaned, fat-free, dried and moisture-protected surface. It is used to protect concrete and other cement surfaces to increase their service life. Suitable for finishing vertical and horizontal surfaces. Suitable for protecting concrete surfaces reinforced with Teknoser topping. It is usually used on buildings and infrastructure facilities to increase the service life of concrete.

Features / Advantages

  • Increases the wear resistance of the surface
  • Provides surface resistance to chlorine
  • Prevents the appearance of cracks as a result of temperature changes
  • Prevents the formation of dust, as it increases the resistance of the surface to abrasion.
  • Forms a smooth shiny look
  • Prevents surface discoloration due to atmospheric influences
  • Since the solvent in the composition evaporates very quickly, the varnish dries quickly.
  • Easy to use
Colour Clear
Expiration date 12 months in a dry environment in a closed package
Packaging Bucket 17 kg
Ignition temperature +90 °C
Density of the mixture  0.92 +0.03 kg/l
Application temperature +5 °C - +35 °C

Brush or roller: 0.100-0.200 l/m2
Spray: 0.150-0.250 l/m2

Layer thickness 135 (+0.05) microns
Full drying time 5 days
Meets the standards ASTM C 309-81

Foundation quality / preliminary preparation

The surface must be completely cleaned (including from fungus), degreased, dried and protected from moisture. Old coating layers must be removed mechanically. On fresh concrete surfaces, the varnish can be applied at least a month after pouring concrete. The film of cement milk, which prevents the adhesion of the material to the surface, should be removed by grinding. The manifestation of salts should be removed with a stiff brush, however, if it is intense and constant, the surface cannot be treated until the causes are clarified and eliminated.


Before applying Teknocila 300 acrylic varnish, mix well. It can be applied with a brush, roller or mechanical spray. It is recommended to apply the material in 1-2 layers to achieve a "wet stone". With each subsequent one, the gloss and density of the coating increases. When applying the material to a surface with a different structure or layers of different thickness, the shade may differ. After applying the material, the surface should be protected from rain for one hour.


  • In hot weather (above +30 °C), store Teknocila 300 in a cool place before use.
  • At low temperatures (below +5 °C), this product may begin to thicken, while its ability to spray decreases.
  • Keep the spray equipment clean and thoroughly clean it before use from the remnants of previous protective materials.
  • When applying with a spray gun, make sure that the base is evenly coated.
  • Do not use the material during and before precipitation.
  • The ingress of salts or seawater on the surface can lead to loss of gloss or discoloration.
  • Teknocila 300 is a flammable material, so work should be carried out at a great distance from sources of fire, elevated temperatures, welding and cutting machines.

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