Paraffin hardener concrete Teknokur 400

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Paraffin hardener concrete Teknokur 400

Solvent-free aqueous emulsion of paraffin wax prevents moisture evaporation.


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Teknokur 400 - solvent-free aqueous emulsion of paraffin wax prevents moisture evaporation from freshly placed concrete. It forms an invisible impermeable to water vapor, the film, contributes to the preservation of fresh concrete the moisture for complete hydration of concrete.


  • Parking lots, warehouses of materials, factories, shopping malls.
  • Runways, highways, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels
  • Other concrete surfaces that need to delay the evaporation of water.


The features and benefits

  • Effectively protects the concrete surface from exposure to weather conditions (sun exposure, wind and rain).
  • Increases the frost resistance of concrete.
  • Can be applied on all types of concrete surfaces.
  • Reduces cracks resulting from shrinkage.
  • Reduces risk of shrinkage and cracking.
  • Improves the mechanical strength of concrete.
  • Emulsion does not contain solvents, easy to apply, and does not require large expenditures.


Paraffin emulsion



Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


30 kg plastic canister

1000 kg IBC ("Eurocup")


150 - 250 g/m2


0,98 ± 0,02 kg/l

Drying time

In accordance with ASTM C 309 (≥135 min.)

Finished surface

Transparent smooth film

Application temperature

5 °C - 30°C

Application is by roller, brush or sprayer. Before applying the concrete should be cleaned from extraneous substances.

When applying TEKNOKUR 400 to fresh concrete forms an impermeable white film that retains over 90 % of water in concrete at least 3 days. In this regard, the treated concrete becomes more solid, less dusty surface, minimizes the appearance of cracks resulting from drying/shrinkage of the concrete. Depending on weather conditions and/or wear of the film will last for 3-4 weeks. By that time, the hydration is almost completely finished.

Notes on application:

  • Mix well before use.
  • The second layer can be applied 6 hours after the first application, to provide effective curing.
  • The application surface should be isolated from influence of an atmospheric precipitation for 2 hours.
  • Tool and equipment for application should be washed with hot water immediately after use.