The dry additive Powder Teknogunit

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The dry additive Powder Teknogunit

Dry the accelerating additive for concrete used in shotcrete.


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Teknogunit Powder - dry accelerating additive for concrete used in shotcrete.


  • all kinds of works on spraying of
  • in the production of high-strength concrete
  • basic parts of tunnels and shafts
  • with the stabilization of the cliffs and slopes


  • increases adhesion of concrete to stone and concrete surfaces
  • increases water resistance
  • does not contain chlorine and does not cause corrosion of rebar


Light beige

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container.


20 kg bag

Application temperature

( 5 °C) - ( 35 °C)

The density of the solution

1,2 ± 0,1 kg/l

Start time setting

75 ± 15 sec

The end time setting

150 ± 30 sec


3-7 % (relative to core)


< 0.1 %

The maximum diameter of the fraction of aggregate should not be more than 16 mm. the Ratio of water and binder should not exceed 0,48, the strength of concrete shall not be less than C25. Dosage Teknogunit is from 3% to 7%. The mixing takes place directly before spraying, adding to the dry cement/sand/gravel. Setting time depends on ambient temperature and type of cement mixture.

After pouring, the surface should be protected from adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above 35 °C), rain and frost.

Notes on application:

  • After application clean equipment before solidification of the solution
  • Wear clothing and equipment appropriate to the safety guidelines