Superplasticizer for concrete Teknoflow Hyper

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Superplasticizer for concrete Teknoflow Hyper

Plasticizer to the concrete increases the strength development at the early stage of maturation of the solution


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Superplasticizer based on polycarboxylate essential, which provides a high rate of strength development of concrete at an early stage of maturation of the solution.


  • in the construction of houses, shopping centers, municipal buildings
  • in the construction of large engineering structures
  • in the production of concrete with high performance characteristics
  • contains chlorine, can be applied in reinforced concrete structures and prestressed elements
  • in the manufacture of precast concrete, which requires a quick set high strength

The features and benefits

  • provides better distribution of cement in concrete
  • reduces the ratio of water to cement by more than 10%
  • increases concrete strength at an early stage by 50%
  • used at low temperatures




Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


30 kg / 200 kg barrel


1,05 ± 0,03 kg/l


10 ± 1

Notes on application:

  • when the ambient temperature is below 5˚C it is necessary to take measures to protect the surface from frost, rain, dew and frost
  • at ambient temperatures above 35˚C it is necessary to moisten the forms with water and moisten the surface to reduce the temperature of hydration
  • the amount of water in solution must be reduced by 10%
  • the use of additives curing time of concrete will increase
  • after application the surface should be protected from direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above 35° C), rain and frost
  • if you are using observe of safety and labour protection