Bituminous-rubber sealant Teknomer 400 2K

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Bituminous-rubber sealant Teknomer 400 2K

Two-component bitumen-rubber waterproofing sealant with a high ratio of fracture toughness.


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Is a two component bitumen-rubber waterproofing sealant Teknomer 400 2K with high elasticity and a high ratio of fracture toughness.


  • concrete terraced roof
  • the balconies and open terraces
  • retaining walls and foundations
  • rooms with high humidity


  • it is applied by brush or airless spray gun
  • suitable for use on vertical surfaces
  • retains its elasticity even at low temperatures
  • suitable for all types of mineral surfaces (concrete, stone, brick)
  • contains no solvent, non-flammable
  • can be applied on dry and slightly damp surfaces


Component A: black bitumen-rubber liquid; Component b: grey powder


The bucket is 32 kg

Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


> 100%

Full drying time

24 hours at 20 °C

The temperature resistance of the cured material

(-25 °C) ( 85 °C)



The thickness of the coating



Areas exposed to moisture and water under pressure

2 mm

3.0 kg/ m2

Insulation against temporary exposure to water (accumulated groundwater)

3 mm

4.5 kg/ m2

The surface must be sound, clean, not contain dust, oil, dirt, rust, detergents and waste, to remove the weak elements. If there are areas in the form of cracks, cavities on the surface - they must be repaired using the easy cement mixes Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300EX.

The mixing of components to produce in a clean container with a mixer on low speed until a homogeneous mixture. The mixing time shall be not less than 5 minutes. For use as a primer to the liquid component Teknomer 400 2K should be diluted 1/10 and applied to the surface with a brush or spray. In 30-60 minutes you can start applying the first coat. The next layer is applied not earlier than after 5 hours in the opposite direction. We recommend to use fiberglass mesh between coats.

After application, the surface must be protected from direct sunlight, strong winds, rain and frost. The surface temperature and the environment should be below 35 °C.

Immediately after use equipment must be cleaned with solvent before curing of the product.