Waterproofing Teknomer cord Swellable Tape 2005 8V

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Waterproofing Teknomer cord Swellable Tape 2005 8V

Waterproofing the cord from the hydrophobic resin and chloroprene rubber.


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Waterproofing the cord from the hydrophobic resin and chloroprene rubber. Expands in volume and is polymerized by contact with water. Used for sealing seams and joints in monolithic construction and installation of precast concrete elements.


  • the potable water tanks, swimming pools
  • construction joints in products made of reinforced concrete, elements of tunnels
  • of pipe culverts and other steel products through the walls and floor.
  • pipe connections in concrete, joints of concrete elements
  • the input connections in the cable channels
  • reinforced concrete structures exposed to water under high pressure


  • Expands upon contact with water.
  • Easy to assemble, does not SAG with the right mount
  • Flexible, expands 800 %
  • High impact strength and chemical protection


Rectangular cord




5 x 20 mm


Roll of 20 meters

Shelf life

Shelf life unlimited, provided hermeticity of the package.


Of 1.25 ± 0.05 gr/cm3



Tensile strength

4 N/mm 2

Water resistant

7 bar

Application temperature

-30°C - 50°C

The substrate must be solid, cleaned from crumbling particles of paint, rust, cement laitance and other substances which decrease adhesion. Surface with strong roughness subsequently tend to pass water. We recommend you to smooth freshly poured concrete rail in those places where will be placed the cord.

The tape should be fastened to the surface between the inner and outer valve using 4-5 of liquid nails on the meter or mastic. All profiles should be tightly in contact to ensure a quality connection. Connect the cords together should butt-to-butt.


  • Avoid applying heavy rain.
  • After installation, the surface must be protected from moisture prior to pouring concrete.