Thermoplastic expansion tape 300(Текномер 300)

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Thermoplastic expansion tape 300(Текномер 300)

Thermoplastic tape for sealing expansion joints, cracks, joints

300 uah

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Teknomer thermoplastic tape for sealing expansion joints, cracks, in waterproofing basements, tunnels and other underground structures, pools and various hydraulic structures.
Teknomer thermoplastic tape has perforated edges, 300 mm wide and 1mm thick. It is a component of the sealing system with Teknobond 400 D epoxy adhesive.

  • expansion joints in floors, walls, ceilings
  • expansion joints separating separate sections of buildings
  • cold and working seams
  • joints of prefabricated concrete structures

Features / Benefits

  • the system is resistant to positive and negative pressure
  • Possibility of laying on wet surfaces
  • has high chemical resistance
  • wear resistance
  • does not require mechanical fastening
  • working ambient temperature from -40˚С to +90˚С
  • compatibility with bitumen-based materials
  • resistance to UV radiation


Химическая основа Лента на основе термопластического эластомера
Упаковка 25 м рулон
Срок годности 24 месяца
Условия хранения Хранить в сухой среде, в закрытой оригинальной упаковке
Цвет Серый
Ширина 30 см
Толщина 1 мм
Вес 930 гр/м2
Прочность по Шору А 94
Относительное удлинение при разрыве в продольном направлении 1000%
Прочность на разрыв <4 Н/мм2
Относительное удлинение при разрыве в поперечном направлении 1000%
Устойчивость к давлению >4 Бар
Разрывная нагрузка в продольном направлении 14 Н/мм2
Разрывная нагрузка в поперечном направлении 14 Н/мм2
Класс огнестойкости 82
Устойчивость к УФ-излучению >6500 годин
Термостойкость -40°C / +90°C


The quality of the base / preliminary preparation

The application surface must be dry and free from any kind of dust, dirt, weak and loose particles, remains of cement mortar, oil and grease. If there are weak concrete parts, they should be removed, after which the surface should be repaired with a high-strength repair solution.

The concrete base must be clean, strong and have sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm2) and tensile strength at least 1.5 N/mm2.


Before laying the Teknomer tape, it must be cut with scissors or a utility knife according to the length of the compensation seam and wiped with a small amount of solvent.

If necessary, put the tape on top of each other, the length of the overlap should be 10 cm. The tapes are connected to each other with the help of hot air. If desired, a polyethylene wick larger than the expansion width is inserted into the joint.

The expansion tape is glued using special Teknobond 400 D epoxy glue, which is applied with a spatula 5 cm on each side of the tape. Do not apply epoxy to the middle of the tape.

In order for the tape not to lose its elastic properties quickly, it is recommended to lay it by making a straight or inverted omega. The next day, you should re-apply the material to the tape, paying attention to the high-quality finishing of the edges.


  • It is not recommended to lay the tape in rainy weather.
  • After laying, the tape must be protected from adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above +35°C), rain and frost.