Sealing corner inner 120/70 mm

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Sealing corner inner 120/70 mm

Sealing corner for waterproofing seams, internal.

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Sealing tape (inner angle) 120/70 mm made of synthetic rubber based on reinforcing mesh. It is used for sealing in waterproofing systems. Corner tape is used for sealing and waterproofing joints in corners and at joints between walls, before laying tiles. The use of waterproofing corner tape in waterproofing systems allows you to keep the walls from water penetration even with the formation of cracks up to 7 mm in size.


  • very good adhesion to polymer waterproofing membranes
  • high tear resistance
  • very elastic
  • covered with thermoplastic elastomer
  • resistant to the effects of alkalis
  • for indoor and outdoor use

Where it is used: 

  • waterproofing of the balcony, bathroom, basement, swimming pool, etc.
  • sealing of joints on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • sealing of expansion joints in the structure
  • sealing of working and technical channels
  • for elastic cement waterproofing systems
  • under liquid waterproofing membranes before laying tiles

Before using, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the technical data sheet of the product or contact our specialists.

Overall width

120mm (full width with mesh) / 70mm (elastomer width)


140x140 mm



Resistance to temperature

-30°C to 90°C

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