Waterproofing material Teknomer 200 EX W

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Waterproofing material Teknomer 200 EX W

Two-component elastic waterproofing material with high protection from UV rays.

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Teknomer 200 EX W – two-component elastic waterproofing material with high protection from UV rays. Forms a seamless flexible waterproofing coating, for interior and exterior use. Creates protection from leaks and penetration of surface waters. Consists of a powder component is white, the liquid component, based on acrylic and special additives that enhance the workability and water-resistant surface coating.


  • homes, shopping centers, municipal facilities
  • foundations and retaining walls
  • baths, saunas, swimming pools and water tanks
  • open terraces, balconies and roofs
  • for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • for interior and exterior surfaces


  • does not require the use of water
  • can be applied manually or by spray
  • is resistant to UV radiation
  • does not shrink and crack
  • can be applied on fresh screed and concrete surfaces
  • prevents carbonation in concrete
  • non-toxic, suitable for indoor use and potable water tanks
  • may be in contact with salt water.

The composition of the material

Component A: white powder

Component B: white liquid


30 kg (A b)

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container

The pot life of the mixture

70 minuts

Applying the second layer

5-6 hours


3-7 days

Adhesive force

1 N/mm2

Penetration into cracks

2.5 mm

Water resistance

7 Bar (positive)


-40 °C - 80 °C